Sweet April

March was a killer month, and we’ve got some good plans for April – but first here’s some recent news:

Our big X-Canada show went swimmingly – and if you don’t believe me, you can watch the archive of the live webcast here! We had a packed house, seen in this photo, and close to 20 performers take the stage!

Also recently ladies night celebrated some of the fantastic female improv talent this city has to offer – there aren’t many places where you can see an all women improv cast in this world – Cajun Attic was one of them.

This April:

Tuesday April 13: A freshly vacationned AL Connors hosts the goods at the Attic.  Cast TBA.

Tuesday April 20: Our pal Nick Di Gaetano joins the lineup.  Nick’s been touring with the Old Trouts in Alberta recently as well as with Mi Casa around Vancouver, and New Mexico!  Basically, if you don’t know Nick, he’s kinda a big deal.  Ask him about it.  Des will host this one.  Odds are at this show there may be some Rideau Award winners!

Tuesday April 27: Still going…  haven’t got details on this yet.

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