‘Bout Time!

It's 'Bout Time!

2012 ‘Bout Time! poster

It’s ‘Bout Time!

Crush’s ‘Bout Time! has become the signature show of the gang. Created in late 2010 and officially premiered January 3rd, 2011, the show is a 3 on 3 competitive format where the audience determines the winner by secret ballot.

The show has the following structure:

First Half

(a short challenge between both teams – winner gets pick of games)

Loser plays Game A, Winner plays Game B
Audience then, by applause votes for their favourite &
host assigns points out of 5 accordingly

Game C / Game D

Game E / Game F 

Points are tallied and scores announced. Every point earned equals one minute for that team in the second half


Second Half

Each team can use their earned minutes in any way they choose. The team with the most minutes goes first followed by the team with the least minutes.

The audience then casts their ballot for the team they enjoyed the most overall.  While the ballots are tabulated, both teams play a cooperative game.

Winner is announced and invited to return next month.

Visit out Calendar to find out when the next show is happening!