Friday Skype-tacular!


Friday May 29th
GoGo’s on Dalhousie at George street
8:30pm start – $10 at the door

Missed it? This happened.

Crush brings three kinds of
heat May 29th.

1- Its the last weekend of May – the gateway to summer – the third blistery-hot edition of Crush Fridays takes the stage at GoGo’s.

2- I think this is a first for improv shows in Canada. If I’m wrong, please let me know. Crush Improv in Ottawa (Brad, Des, Dave) will be linking up to Toronto’s COMBUSTION FESTIVAL where AL and Cari are performing all week via Skype video hookup thing-a-madoodle. Basically, we’re going to try and cross the streams and improvise via the interwebs in two cities at once. It’ll be either glorious, or a technical disaster not to be missed!

3- Rounding out the Ottawa lineup, two very special guests join Crush in Ottawa. Improv heroes Jeff Lawson and Dan Lajoie take the stage to improvise together again for the first time in 45 years. Each has improvised on a national level and each has coached improv teams to a national level. Each has also not improvised in front of a crown in a long time – again, it’ll be glorious or a disaster not to be missed!

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