Ticket Special

For our 3rd Anniversary Special at the Gladstone December 3rd & 4th, we are once again offering our Social Media 2-for-1 deal. Tickets are $10 (cash only) each, however, if you want in on this “buy one get one free” situation, all you have to do is:

1- Tweet about the show or post the show to your profile on Facebook. You were going to do that anyway, right? You can either do so by clicking one of these handy buttons at the bottom, or your by own preferred method of tweeting or facebooking.

2- Reserve your tickets by sending an email to tickets@crushimprov.com and tell us:

a) your twitter or fb handle – your reservation will be under that name (and so we can see if you upheld your end of the bargain)
b) Which night (either Friday or Saturday, or one for each night) you would like your tickets reserved

3- Start crossing off the sleeps until sweet improv time!

That’s it! It’s the ol’ “you help us, we help you” maneuver.


The fine print:
Only one “2 for 1” per person. The “2 for 1” can be used for 2 tickets for Friday, 2 tickets for Saturday, or 1 ticket for each. Please show up NO LATER than 7:45pm to claim your tickets – unclaimed reservations will be released to the public. Reservations must be made no later than Thursday December 2nd.

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