Opening night! Spotlight on Allan Girod!

Our two-for-one opening night special guest, all the way from the Southern Hemisphere:

Allan Girod!

Allan guest stars in the monologist’s lounge on opening night! He’ll tell us some true-life stories inspired by you, the audience, and then Crush, inspired by those true tales, will make up some new adventures! It’s the theatrical equivalent of the broken telephone game!


Allan is a working actor based in Perth, Western Australia. He ventured into theatre making to create meaningful work for himself and other artists in an attempt to build a sustainable arts practice.

flaming locomotive productions has had three successful works to date;

When Harry Met Harry – written and performed by Allan it has already toured Canada and is pleased to be back once again following a premiere at the Adelaide Fringe back in March!

Make sure you check out Allan’s show:


Venue #4 – Academic Hall (hey, that’s right above Crush’s Venue!)

Flaming Locomotive Productions!
Perth, Australia
by Allan Girod
55 mins | Comedy, Physical | General

Have you met Harry?
He lives for routine.
How will he cope when Mr Herbert, screeching tyres and an overly positive personal coach intervene?
Exquisite movement, exaggerated characters, and one very tasty clock will make you laugh, squirm and cheer for Harry.

(4-stars) “Go meet Harry. You’ll be glad you did.” Joff Schmidt, CBC

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