Workshops coming soon!

Have you ever wanted to try this improv thing out?

Well, starting this September, there will be all sorts of opportunities to get involved and meet other people like you looking to get into (or back into) the improv game.  Work with Crush members and special guests.

Info will all be in the calendar of events soon, but to whet your whistle, here’s a little preview of what’s coming up:

Saturday August 25th we’re in Wakefield at Wakefest– this you should already know.

Starting in September, Crush will host a drop-in workshop before each ‘Bout Time improv show.  Workshop venue TBA however it’ll be near the Elmdale before the show, so everyone (‘Bout Time participating teams, Crush members and drop-ins) can all do the workshop, take a break for dinner and then go to the show.

Cari Leslie is in town from Amsterdam for a limited time, and she’s offering a workshop – probably Sunday Sept 10th.  We’re all gonna be there, so should you!

Improviser Dave Morris is passing through Ottawa in October and has some good things to say. We’ll all be taking his workshop. So should you!

Here’s Dave’s TEDx talk on Improvisation.  Spoiler Alert: it’s amazing.