Meet Kristine!

Kristine!We are proud to announce a new addition to the Crush family:

Kristine Shadid!

Kristine has been a regular of Crush shows for years now, most notably on some of the winningest ‘Bout Time teams ever, such as Two-and-a-half Women (with Tim and Brooke) and  Terrible Fource Quartet (with Dan and Jeff Lawson). She’s appeared in Crush’s Fifth and Seventh Anniversary specials as well as a number of other special events over the years.

You may have also seen Kristine perform with the University of Ottawa’s group, hosting the wildly successful Provject X at Arts Court, playing with EFT’s Birds of Prey, Elgin Street Improv and as a regular Grimprov Guest and more! She’s pretty awesome and we’re looking forward to having her on stage with us moving forward!