Ottawa Fringe Festival

A guest opens the show with an excerpt from their own Ottawa Fringe play, then Crush takes it from there. Inspired by the themes, characters and narrative of whatever our guests bring to the table, Crush will create their own original show before your very eyes.

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Fri. June 17, 8:30pm

Lana Schwarcz (Lovely Lady Lumps)
Jokes, truths and poignant bits from a comic who survived Breast Cancer.


Sat. June 18, 3:00pm

Dwayne Morgan (Grade 8)
The heartwarming story of a father, trying to figure out how to raise a daughter, in a world much different from the one he grew up in. Grade 8 delivers a unique story and experience, told with honesty, wit, and charm!


Sun, June 19, 6:30pm

Can Ducks Fly Theatre (Alpha Delta 86)
1984 meets Waiting for Godot. Two inept spies, who happen to be clowns, eavesdrop on phone conversations trying to prevent people from falling in love.


Tue, June 21, 9:30pm

Jayson MacDonald (Magic Unicorn Island)
Having successfully won conflicts waged against every nation and some of the more troubling abstract nouns, The United Empire declares war on its last remaining adversaries… its own children.


Fri, June 24, 10:30pm

Gerard Harris (A Tension to Detail)
British storyteller & CBC Wiretap irregular Gerard Harris presents his acclaimed show about everything, so if you like things, this is the show for you.


Sun, June 26, 5:30pm

Tamlynn Bryson (#STAYSTRONG)
Val has dedicated years of her life to self-improvement and sharing knowledge online. When she injures herself at the gym, Val begins to lose her balance. How can she live without fitness when fitness is her life—and 50,000 viewers are looking to her for guidance?


Venue: La Nouvelle Scene 333 King Edward Ave.
Tickets $12

Hope to see you there!