April ‘Bout Time!

Crush’s 3 on 3 improv throwdown returns to the Elmdale the first Monday in April. We’ll have two teams.  Don’t know who yet, ’cause last month’s winners, BRUCKHEIMER, may have a fouth infant member by then… by that, of course, I mean Brad MacNeil may be a babydaddy and his priorities that week may not include improv. I don’t know why.

So, we’re working on it.  Maybe 4-time champs, THE NEIGHBOURHOOD will return. Maybe BRUCKHEIMER + 1 will return (if the baby doesn’t get carded at the door).  In either case, there will be some new faces on stage. Keep your eyes/ears to the webs/twitters/facebooks for the latest infos.


BRUCKHEIMER will return to defend their crown!


THE NEIGHBOURHOOD!  Will these 4-time champs get smothered by explosions and sunglasses removals?