Brand New Look

Everyone knows that websites are dead and most information consumed online is via applications, cloud stuff and social network things.  So, we figured we might as well go out in style!

Our new WordPress theme is a modified version of the FLEX theme which has been beautifully scalped and skinned by Travis Gobeil.  For me (AL) the site works best on Safari and Chrome.  In Firefox things get a bit jerky, but otherwise still pretty.

DO make sure, when on the main page, you try the “Mix-em-up” button in the menu.  Resizing your browser window, or zooming in or out with your browser will produce similar results.  It has pretty “lightbox” features that can open online videos and images without leaving the page.  We finally have a Calendar of events to easily find out the wheres and whens of Crushian performance.  What else… we got tweets EVERYWHERE.

There are still some ghosts that need to be exorcized – little quirks that pop up here and there we’re trying to nail down.  But for now, poke around and see what you can see!