Semi-Finals start Feb 15

Well, the quarterfinals are done and the results are in! The top four teams take the stage Feb 15 and Feb 22 to determine who advances to the Finals on Monday March 7 at the Heart & Crown in the Byward Market (Mother McGuinty’s stage).

Here’s who’s advanced!:

BTT-Feb-15February 15th, 8pm
Chicken Dicks: 
Ray, Gabbie, Dave   – vs –
Bro Bro Bro Your Boat: Angus, Tuong, Chris


BTT-Feb-22February 22nd, 8pm
Reunion Tour: Tim, Francis, Rob   – vs –
Eligin Street Improv: Kristine, Paul, Colin

Then the winners of each night face-off in the grand finale Monday, March 7 to see who wins the big cash prize!

January 25 January 18
Elgin St Improv Friendzone
Kristine Shadid Jill Budgell
Paul J. Piekoszewski Allison Harris
Colin Giles Leslie Cserepy
Trust Fall Chicken Dicks
Eric Stewart  Semi-Final  Semi-Final Ray Besharah
Molly McGuire Feb 22 Feb 15 Dave Brown
Ross Zimmermann Elgin St Improv FINAL Chicken Dicks Gabbie Lazarovitz
Winner of Feb 15 vs Winner of Feb 22
February 1 January 4

Reunion Tour

Reunion Tour March 7 Bro Bro your Boat U3
Tim Anderson Jordan Moffatt
Francis Bakewell Hayley Robateau
Rob Hill Christian Glas
Bros Before Shows Bro Bro your Boat
Sachin Sinha Chris Hannay
Challian Christ Tuong La
Zac Duval Angus MacDonald

Official BTT voting rules here.